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Revel iPad POS seamlessly integrates with a select variety of Mobile Printers based on easy-to-use features, fast printing speeds, and superior reliability.

Epson TM-m30 black 3

Epson TM-m30

The TM-m30 is the first of its kind designed exclusively for today’s advanced POS environment.

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Zebra printer


Easy to use, the Zebra LP printer tucks into your tightest work spaces and prints 2-inch-wide labels or receipts with best-in-class print speeds. The LP series includes Zebra Setup Utilities, which guides you through simple setup steps so you can get up and running quickly. It also includes an OpenACCESS™ design and clear media window for simple media loading and monitoring.

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Star Micronics LAN Thermal Printer

This low-cost and highly reliable receipt printer features an auto-cutter and all set-up accessories required for its use. The TSP LAN Thermal Receipt Printer provides fast, long-distance communication using low-cost CAT 5 LAN cabling. It also features a unique “Print on Disconnection” feature, which notifies you of any network disruption issues.

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Epson® TM-U Series

In addition to being compact, the Epson® TM-U series POS Kitchen printer is reliable and optimised for high-speed throughput. They offer all the easy-to-use features important to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries and two-color printing to highlight special offers, kitchen orders and impactful logos.

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Epson Printer for iPad POS

Epson® TM-T Series

The Epson TM-T Series is a top printing thermal printer that is robust enough for the highest volume businesses. With features such as auto-cutting and quick printing, the T Series is perfect for restaurants and high volume establishments. And with the Epson TM-T Series being a thermal printer, you’ll never need to buy ink again.

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Star TSP143 printer

Star Micronics TSP Series

Boasting a lightning fast print speed of 60RPM, the TSP Series also features an improved Guillotine Cutter, easy “drop in and print” paper loading, and a small footprint. The TSP Series also features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection demanded today by fast-paced businesses who run on Point of Sale systems.

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Epson printer

Epson ReadyPrint T20

Epson’s cost-effective printer T20 thermal is designed for low-volume retailers, combining basic POS printing functionality with high reliability.

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Revel's hardware and service leasing program from Apple Financial Services

Revel is now offering a more flexible payment program for customers. The lease program will reduce upfront costs for customers purchasing POS solutions through an extended payment plan.

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