Revel quick-service and restaurant & bar

Self-Service Kiosk

The ultimate self-service Point of Sale

Generate approximately 30% more orders with Revel’s Self-Service Kiosk. Your business can transform the customer experience with self-checkouts while improving top-line revenue. Instead of waiting in line for the front register, customers have the option to conveniently tap, order, grab-and-go.

Revel kiosk screenshot

Reduce Wait Times

Cut long lines and give customers a quick check-out option. Increase overall number of customers to add to top line revenue.

Intuitive Layout

The Revel Self-Service Kiosk includes an advanced matrix system, which gives consumers a smoother, less cluttered experience when choosing their items, instead of endlessly scrolling through a product list.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Benefit from the convenience of automatic menu changes, accurate nutritional information, on-screen promos, and instant ticket printing to speed up orders.

Flexible Ordering

The newest Kiosk features allow users to easily edit their order at any time, see detailed product descriptions, and add notes to their order.

Save Money

Reduce order-taking staff while serving more customers, faster. Improve order accuracy and consequently reduce food waste.

Always On Mode

Never lose a sale by continuing to process payments even when the Internet goes out.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.