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Keep your Business Safe and Secure

Choosing a secure Point of Sale is integral to your business. A secure POS system will protect your customers’ data and help you avoid prohibitive fines for being out of compliance. Uphold your business’s reputation and maintain peace of mind with Revel’s security benefits.

POS security

PCI/P2PE Compliance

Revel’s POS system is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), so all credit card information is safely transmitted to payment processors.

User Access

Control how employees access the management console, and set specific permission levels.

Secure Servers

Revel’s PCI compliant cloud technology ensure the highest level of security. Cloud computing allows business owners to operate their own database that is both protected and backed up.

Loss Prevention

Have full supervision of your business with a surveillance system. Monitor single and multi-unit businesses with video footage side by side with what is directly performed on the Revel iPad Point of Sale.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM software allows users to manage multiple devices universally from any remote location. Heighten security by locking down or wiping clean any lost or stolen devices remotely.

Wi-Fi Management

Revel provides a strong Wi-Fi connection no matter your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Revel has dedicated Wi-Fi managers to set up your network, provides remote troubleshooting and runs your POS in a secure, fully encrypted network.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.