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QuickBooks Integration

Simplify your finances and accounting

Intuit and Revel Systems have teamed up to give your business the power of the #1 iPad Point of Sale and the #1 Accounting solution in the market. Easily manage your business’ finances and accounting on a single platform with Revel’s QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop integration.

Reporting and Accounting with Intuit QuickBooks

Summarize Sales Data

A summary of total sales is synced daily to QuickBooks in a single invoice. 

Easily Manage Employees

Create employees in QuickBooks and sync them with Revel’s iPad POS. Manage payroll from QuickBooks based on the Time Worked data recorded in Revel.

Track Vendors and Purchase Orders

Vendors’ account and purchase order information sync from Revel to QuickBooks to show which items were received from whom. Bills associated with purchases are synced, allowing users to pay vendors through QuickBooks.

Automatically Sync Data

All Point of Sale data is automatically transferred to QuickBooks at the close of each day. Eliminate the need for manual entries and save countless hours.

Access Inventory Cost Analyses

Inventory adjustments in Revel such as receipt, actual inventory counts, and more, sync to QuickBooks to update product inventory costs.

Intuitive Interface

Revel's intuitive interface makes navigating the QuickBooks integration simple. Easily sync data and see your information flow from the POS into your accounting program.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.