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Customise your online store

Start building an online store that you are proud of and make it part of your connected shopping experience. Choose how you want to display products and tailor the design according to your brand. With Revel e-commerce platform, business owners can fully customise their online presence.

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Display Options

Let customers choose how to view and buy products online. Provide a user-friendly, easy to find buyer experience when searching through your e-commerce site.

Full Customization

Customize your online store according to how you want it to look. Make sure the design matches the style and feel of your overall brand.

Online Purchasing

Get more sales by letting customers purchase items online. Orders can be shipped directly to the customer or picked up in-store.

Mobile Ordering

Shoppers can go to your e-commerce store from any mobile device at any time.

Shipping Control

Once an order is made online, immediately get notified of the purchase and have it shipped to the customer’s address. Revel integrates with FedEx and UPS to simplify the shipping process.

Increased Reach

Broaden your reach and get new customers from around the world by having a strong online and mobile presence.

Every tool you need to run the business you want.