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Accessibility App

A Point of Sale for Everyone

Revel accommodates the visually impaired, making the Point of Sale experience stress-free for customers, employees and business owners. Add-ons include the use of bluetooth keyboards, the ability to perform text-to-speech commands and easy text reading.

Revel accessibility app

Text to Speech Commands

Employees and customers have full access to the Revel iPad POS system through text to speech commands, including the ability to add items to an order, add discounts, pay with credit card or cash, delete items and even add modifiers.

Always On Mode

Even during an Internet outage, anyone can pay and process their order smoothly.

Data Security

Allow visually-impaired customers to enter confidential PIN information without sharing with others.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth enabled keyboards with textured keys allow full use of the Revel POS system for the visually-impaired.

Easy Reading

Text is displayed large on iPad screen so that users can read and navigate easily.

24/7 Support

If for any reason you have difficulty with the Accessibility App, Revel's support is available all hours of the day.

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