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Moving to Revel has been helpful in many ways. It makes processes run more efficiently and helps us look more professional from a customer point of view
Johnny Geny, Owner, The Counter, Sydney
iPad POS | The Counter

About The Counter

Located in the suburb of Petersham in Sydney’s Inner West, The Counter is a vibrant cafe specialising in great coffee, great food, and friendly service. In search of a career change, Johnny Geng worked in a number of cafes in Sydney to build up his experience before taking over The Counter in December 2014. With a goal of maintaining the venue’s ethos of serving excellent fare, the only major aspect of the business that Johnny saw fit to completely change was the café’s digital cash register.

Business Goals

When Johnny purchased The Counter, he inherited an outdated digital cash register. While the register was perfectly capable of performing simple transactions, Johnny soon realised that he needed a platform that was far more robust in order to efficiently manage his business and take The Counter to the next level.

The Revel Solution

“One of the biggest benefits of switching to Revel for me is being able to generate very thorough reports which is something that you can’t get with a digital cash register. Not only does the reporting give me an accurate view of how the business is tracking, but it’s also great for my record keeping because the reports are clear and concise, and I can generate them easily in the event of a tax audit.”

Why Revel

“Revel is very easy to operate, the support team are very helpful, menu updates and pricing adjustments are effortless and it looks professional. I’d definitely recommend Revel to anyone in the café sector.”