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Revel is by far the easiest POS to use – I can program a button myself in five minutes or less, I can pull the data quickly, I’ve got the app on my phone, I can train other people how to use it easily and the fact that it’s on an iPad makes it so intuitive to use.
Tim Johnson, Director, Corbett & Claude

About Corbett & Claude

Named after an iconic hub in Brisbane where commercial travellers would eat, drink, and form lifelong friendships, Corbett & Claude is a vibrant casual diner founded upon the same principle: great food and great drinks shared with friends. Specialising in pizza, cocktails, and craft beer, Corbett & Claude has three established venues in Brisbane and one in Sydney with a view to open more. The first venue opened in August 2015 with the following venues opening at a rate of one every three months thereafter. Each venue seats between 70 - 140 people and heaves with energy and hungry patrons during lunch and dinner service, seven days a week.

Business Goals

With 20 years’ experience in the Australian hospitality scene, Tim Johnson, Director of Corbett & Claude, knew exactly what he was looking for in a Point of Sale platform: a system that was user-friendly, robust, and easy to roll out over multiple locations. Having worked with a number of cumbersome and expensive legacy Point of Sale solutions in the past, Tim decided to trail a few different cloud-based POS solutions and found that Revel was exactly what he was after.

The Revel Solution

From Intelligent Reporting and ease of use, to multi-site capabilities and commitment to innovation via new product features, Tim believes that his business is well positioned to grow, prosper and stand out from competitors with Revel.

“I think Revel has given me an extra edge against the competition with its flexibility in terms of the way it works in our venues. We can take orders at the counter and at the table, it integrates with our Eftpos and backend seamlessly, and all of the reporting is really easy to use. It’s so much better than anything I’ve seen before."

Why Revel

“I recommend it everyday. Anyone that asks, I always suggest that they use it. I’m a big fan of Revel and I don’t see any reason as to why I wouldn’t use it as the business grows.”