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iPad POS | beer trends

10 Beer Trends Your Restaurant Needs To Know

When properly poured, draft beer can be one of the most profitable drinks in a bar. On average, alcohol sales make up around 30% of restaurant sales, showing the massive opportunity restaurants have to make money and keep their customers happy with a robust beer, wine, and spirits menu. To reach these profits and sales, we’ve taken a look at what’s driving the beer industry. Here are the trends, tastes, and pours that are dominating 2017....

iPad POS | retail

3 Lessons Retail Can Learn From Restaurants

Retail and restaurants may appear to be two separate industries, and two that hardly interact with one another. But there is a core similarity – they are both customer service businesses. This platitude is shedding light on a crucial issue within the retail industry. The issue and key differentiator between retailers and restaurateurs is how they approach customer service. And this is where retail can learn from restaurants. The restaurant industry knows to market an...

iPad POS | restaurant marketing

4 Tips to Modernise Your Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant owners are constantly tasked with innovating to stay ahead of the competition and keeping customers flowing through their doors. This is especially true for new businesses, as studies show 60% of restaurants close within 3 years of opening. So how can you beat these statistics? Marketing is an area of your business operations where small changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line. As technology continues to change the ways businesses market...

iPad POS | How To Survive Your Slow Season

How To Survive Your Slow Season

When running a business during your busy season, time can fly by, and you often feel like you don’t have enough of it. But traffic ebbs and flows and every business has its slow periods – a drag for business owners and employees. While it may seem like a challenge to keep up the energy and numbers during your slow season, this is actually the best time for productivity. Keeping your team excited and involved,...

iPad POS | NRA

Key Highlights and Takeaways from NRA Show 2017

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2017 in Chicago has come to an end and it was a hit! We’ve digested amazing food, spoke with thousands of foodservice professionals, and demo’d our platform to the entire spectrum of the food-service industry. Standing at 70 by 30 feet, the Revel booth was proudly designed and executed by our team. The booth was home to educational theatre sessions, customer samplers, demo stations, and of course, our team...

iPad POS | menu

Revel POS 101: Building a Menu

Building a menu that is effective and efficient is incredibly important. An inefficient menu leads to confusion at the Point-of-Sale, costing you money, increasing wait time, and hurting customer satisfaction. Whether your menu is seasonal, price-fixed, static, or a little bit of everything – it is important to deploy an effective, well-designed menu. When building your menu, make sure to reference this article to understand how you can use marketing and psychology to design your...

iPad POS | food and beverage

Food and Beverage Forecast: Gain ROI On Industry Trends

In the food and beverage industry, fads come and go quickly and to maintain relevance it is key to stay on top of these trends. Understanding how to leverage them so they are both authentic and efficient in your restaurant is an important component to growing revenue for your business. Sustainability Consumers are becoming more and more focused on environmental health, as well as their own personal well being. Sustainability in the restaurant industry is on...

iPad POS | staff

Generate More Sales With Less Staff

We’ve seen a changing landscape in the foodservice and retail industry; labour costs are gradually increasing, automated technology is becoming less expensive, and customers are becoming more technologically sophisticated. This leaves opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market and maintain their labour costs. The catalyst to this new found opportunity? Technology. By implementing technology into your business you can generate more sales with less staff, without having to compromise the customers’ experience. Self-Service...

iPad POS | The True Cost Of Food Waste

The True Cost Of Food Waste

Globally each year, around 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted, and 40% of that comes from restaurants. These numbers illustrate the pervasiveness and severity of the problem as well as the resounding impact it has on the planet. Waste at this volume can also seriously hurt your restaurant’s bottom line; throwing away food is throwing away money. According to the National Restaurant Association, on average, a restaurant loses between four and 10 percent of...

iPad POS | fast casual

Smarter, Not Harder: The Fast Casual Motto

Within the last two decades, there’s been a quiet shift within the restaurant industry, and it’s upending the way that people experience meals away from home. Prior to the early 2000s, most Australians out in one of two primary forms—the casual dining experience (think the local pub, The Hogs Breath and the Hard Rock Cafe) or your fast food staples, such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and KFC. However, starting around 1999, some new players made inroads...

iPad POS | liquid gold

Liquid Gold: Leaving Stability for Something Unknown

Do you ever feel stuck in your job, dreaming of what you really want to do with your life? Timothy Lee, now owner of Liquid Gold, gets it. He worked for numerous companies, jumping from job to job, before he took the first leap to pursue his dream of owning his own bar business. Lee always wanted to have a business of his own and he knew Liquid Gold was it. His love and passion...

iPad POS | The Evolution Of Self-Service

The Evolution Of Self-Service

Customers want to purchase what they want, when they want. Most importantly, they want the transaction to be effortless. This time-tested standard has gone through a number of iterations as technology has become an increasing driver of customer success. The concept of self-service originated in Memphis, Tennessee, at Piggly Wiggly, America’s first self-service grocery store. While the two words ‘Piggly’ and ‘Wiggly’ don’t exude innovation and dynamics, the store’s owner, Clarence Saunders, is lauded for...

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