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iPad POS | intermediate inventory

How To Track Intermediate Inventory

Half of all small businesses use a manual method or don’t track inventory at all. The sheer number of businesses that do not have an accurate or even good idea of what their inventory looks like is a huge problem. Because of poor inventory management, businesses are losing sales, decreasing employee productivity, experiencing stock outs and ultimately frustrating their customers. Investing in a robust inventory management system will not only save you money and customers,...

iPad POS | How To Choose A POS Platform

How To Choose A POS Platform

So you’re interested in buying a Point Of Sale platform for your business? Navigating this space can be time consuming, and without the proper recourses, overwhelming. If you’re feeling this, you are not alone because a report by Brother International Corporation and non-profit SCORE revealed that 64 percent of small business owners still feel “overwhelmed” when it comes to technology. That’s why we laid it out simply, so you can get set up with a...

iPad POS | Digital Menu Boards

Why Digital Signage Is The Next Big Revenue Driver

A report by Reserachmoz forecasted the direction of Quick Service industry, and detailed key findings. Taking a look at predictions and trends in the industry for the upcoming years, Reserachmoz expects to see a heavy investment in software based solutions as well as an introduction of new hardware to drive sales and support growth. A key finding from the report: “Digital signage is expected to be the largest revenue contributor in the hardware segment owing...

iPad POS | pricing strategies

The Proven Pricing Strategies Powered By Psychology

Extensive research has been done to understand consumer buying patterns, and how certain pricing techniques can influence people’s perception of value. There are a number of moving parts that go into how people evaluate prices, and much of that decision-making is subconscious.   We’ve bundled up the research, and outlined six ways to use psychology in your pricing strategies: Eliminate Dollar $igns We discussed this trick in our menu engineering article, as a way to...

iPad POS | On Turning Tables: How To Improve Your FOH Flow

On Turning Tables: How To Improve Your FOH Flow

Efficient table management is key for revenue maximisation and customer satisfaction. Restaurateurs and General Managers need to find the optimal balance between turning tables fast enough to do as many covers as possible, while still providing diners a reasonable amount of time to enjoy their meals. Reservations and Waitlist Management Restaurant reservations are key for forecasting and maximising your table management strategy. Managers can block off some tables for reservations and leave some out for...

iPad POS | menu

Why you should give your business a technological boost this financial year

The thought of adopting new technologies can be a daunting prospect for some business owners. Learning a new POS system and training staff could be viewed as an arduous task for some that outweighs the benefits of upgrading to a faster, more robust and sophisticated system. But what if we told you that your existing system could actually be stalling your profits, and that by investing in smart, intuitive tech you could not only improve...

iPad POS | training

Tips For Training Your Staff On How To Use Revel POS

Your business depends on your staff. To avoid any customer or employee confusion at the Point of Sale, ensure that your staff is well trained. From the payment flow to opening and closing up shop – make sure your staff can process more transactions in less time, and handle those tricky situations. Whether your business has one employee, or you manage hundreds of employees across multiple locations, follow these tips and tricks to quickly onboard...

iPad POS | Revel University

Introducing Revel University

We are very excited to unveil our latest customer experience project, Revel University, an online onboarding and training video platform available to all customers. The website features a repository of quick training videos that capture everything a customer needs to know in order to get up and running with Revel. To dive deeper into this new initiative we sat down with Anna Kessel, Revel’s Corporate Training Team Lead, and asked her a few questions.  How...

iPad POS | beer trends

10 Beer Trends Your Restaurant Needs To Know

When properly poured, draft beer can be one of the most profitable drinks in a bar. On average, alcohol sales make up around 30% of restaurant sales, showing the massive opportunity restaurants have to make money and keep their customers happy with a robust beer, wine, and spirits menu. To reach these profits and sales, we’ve taken a look at what’s driving the beer industry. Here are the trends, tastes, and pours that are dominating 2017....

iPad POS | retail

3 Lessons Retail Can Learn From Restaurants

Retail and restaurants may appear to be two separate industries, and two that hardly interact with one another. But there is a core similarity – they are both customer service businesses. This platitude is shedding light on a crucial issue within the retail industry. The issue and key differentiator between retailers and restaurateurs is how they approach customer service. And this is where retail can learn from restaurants. The restaurant industry knows to market an...

iPad POS | restaurant marketing

4 Tips to Modernise Your Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant owners are constantly tasked with innovating to stay ahead of the competition and keeping customers flowing through their doors. This is especially true for new businesses, as studies show 60% of restaurants close within 3 years of opening. So how can you beat these statistics? Marketing is an area of your business operations where small changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line. As technology continues to change the ways businesses market...

iPad POS | How To Survive Your Slow Season

How To Survive Your Slow Season

When running a business during your busy season, time can fly by, and you often feel like you don’t have enough of it. But traffic ebbs and flows and every business has its slow periods – a drag for business owners and employees. While it may seem like a challenge to keep up the energy and numbers during your slow season, this is actually the best time for productivity. Keeping your team excited and involved,...

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